Painting ICAD 2020 21 of 61 by Erin  O'Brien

ICAD 2020 21 of 61

This 5"x7" card is one of a series of 12 created from the ICAD challenge organized by Tammy Garcia (aka  Each year from June 1 - July 31, an artist creates something on an index cards and posts it to social media.  This year (2020), I chose to work with limited media: paper, paint and pen.  The paper I used on each piece is a magazine image altered with a cleaning solvent.  The process yields the most amazing and mysterious creations which I then combine with paint and pen or pencil.  This card is one of the top 10 out of 61. Please email me directly with any combination of cards that you would like to purchase. Shipping is included.

$5.00 USD