About Me

I am an artist living and creating in San Diego, California. Growing up, I expressed my creativity by playing the beautiful game, soccer, and by blending colors and textures in the garden.  Now I express myself through creating abstract art with layers that invite touch and provide texture to make ideas come alive. I play in my journal with colors, marks, and collage. I play on canvases and wood panel with acrylic paints and texture.  


In 2013 I chose to give up my soccer playing life to preserve a healthy body. The accumulation of games over 40 years had taken its physical toll on me. I knew that life would change by giving up this devotion which had been my lifeblood. I consciously chose "art" to do something new in which I had very little experience. In 2015 I took classes with an open mind and with no judgment on output. Play and learning were key. I engaged a variety of teachers with different styles and techniques.  I made new things and worked hard to avoid judging myself. Along this path I discovered how much I enjoyed creating. 


Fast forward to the present. I am now retired and creating something every day. This is a very important part of daily living: having fun with new textures, sampling colors, exchanging ideas with other artists, teachers and mentors.  I am not yet wedded to a distinct type or style of art as I continue on a path of curiosity and experimentation.


I invite you to wander through my art on canvas, the textured pieces, my monoprints and mixed media collages.  I would enjoy hearing from you!